Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Earth photoTranspersonal psychotherapy includes all of the benefits of traditional therapy and also acknowledges the higher spiritual aspects of the Self. It engages both an individual’s personal psychology as well as their interconnection with a greater spiritual reality that transcends everyday ordinary experience. This form of therapy is held within the context that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and through our human journey we are attaining wisdom and mastery that is directly related to the true intention of our Higher Self. Therefore, the obstacles that we encounter in our lives serve as opportunities for empowering shifts in perspective as we move into greater levels of understanding of our true nature and the meaning of our existence. As a holistic approach, it integrates deep layers of the psyche including the unconscious (body), conscious (mind), and super-conscious (spirit) dimensions of being to help heal wounding from the past, live more fully in the present, and create new possibilities for the future.meditating photo

If you are curious about Transpersonal psychotherapy or if you see yourself in the following examples, this approach may be a good fit for you.

  • You are curious about spirituality, or have an intuition that there is a deeper meaning and purpose in life.
  • You would appreciate a spiritual context in therapy in which your own personal beliefs and spiritual practices are honored and integrated.
  • You engage in a spiritual practice which stirs up emotional content and shadow material that needs to be resolved.
  • You have had profound mystical experiences which you would like to process and integrate into your life in a practical way.
  • You identify as a “lightworker”, “starseed”, or conscious individual who has a particular drive to serve the planet and raise consciousness.
  • You are currently experiencing or have gone through a spiritual awakening process that you would like support with.
  • You are experiencing a spiritual crisis (Spiritual Emergency) in which spiritual experiences become overwhelming, disorienting, and destabilizing in such a way that everyday functioning is impaired.